“A Buddhist crossroads: pioneer western Buddhists and Asian networks 1860 – 1960”

In the last part of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, a remarkable set of individuals and networks constructed much of what we now understand today by “Buddhism”, in a set of global exchanges centred in SE Asia and involving a range of reforming Asian Buddhist networks and western converts.

A special issue of the journal Contemporary Buddhism, with the title “A Buddhist crossroads: pioneer western Buddhists and Asian networks 1860-1960”, has just been published, representing the proceedings of the Sept 2012 conference “SE Asia as a crossroads for Buddhist exchange” (a full set of abstracts is online here).

You can read the editorial online (free) here; Alicia Turner’s article “The Bible, the bottle and the knife: religion as a mode of resisting colonialism for U Dhammaloka” online (free) here; and my article “Rethinking early wester Buddhists: beachcombers, ‘going native’ and dissident Orientalism” online (free) here. Each of these is limited to 50 downloads so if you can’t use this please get in touch.

The table of contents is available here and other articles will be accessible via some university libraries.


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