“Buddhism and Ireland” Dublin launch

Buddhism and Ireland” book launch

Public talk by Professor Brian Bocking

“Forgotten but not gone: recognising Ireland’s Buddhist heritage in colonial Asia”

TCD, Thursday 26 September, 7 pm

Brian Bocking is Head of Asian Studies and Professor of the Study of Religions at UCC. Author of many works on Japanese religion, Buddhism and the academic study of religions, he is currently carrying out research on the forgotten ‘Irish Buddhist’ U Dhammaloka (?1856-?1914), a pioneer Western Buddhist monk celebrated throughout South / East Asia in the early 1900s, and the Irish Japanologist and pioneer London Buddhist missionary Charles J W Pfoundes (1840-1907).


M. Uí Cadhain lecture theatre
Arts Block 2041B
Trinity College Dublin

Admission free – all welcome

Hosted by the MPhil in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict at TCD http://www.tcd.ie/sociology/ethnicracialstudies/

For more on the book Buddhism and Ireland see the publishers’ site

Book launch poster

Book update

Contrary to earlier information the book will now be available on sale from October 11th (it is already available for pre-order via the publishers’ website, Amazon etc.) Display copies have already been printed and will be available to view at the launch.

Sincere apologies for this delay, due to circumstances beyond our control.


Other events

Laurence Cox, “How the Dharma came to the west: Buddhism and Ireland”. Dublin Buddhist Centre, Friday 20 September, 8 – 9 pm (part of Dublin Culture Night: more details here. Admission free, all welcome). “Aspects of Buddhist culture have been travelling westwards across Asia and Europe for many centuries, even as far as Ireland. How does this history affect Irish culture, and what does it mean for Buddhism in Ireland today? The talk will discuss some fascinating encounters and remarkable lives which crossed the boundaries of race and religion, and will include visual materials as well as some ‘relics’ of the first Irish Buddhists.”

The seminar “From Laurence Carroll to U Dhammaloka: Irish hobo, Buddhist monk, anti-colonial agitator” (Laurence Cox, Mihirini Sirisena, Rachel Pisani) took place on Tuesday 10 September in the Irish School of Ecumenics, TCD. Further details here.


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