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Dhammaloka on screen: “The Dharma Bum” documentary project

The Dhammaloka research team have always joked that his life would make a great movie, but we didn’t think it would actually happen…

Film-maker Ian Lawton is planning to make “The Dharma Bum”, a feature-length documentary about Dhammaloka’s life and the detective story of how we have been uncovering it. Parts will be animated (!) by Paul Bolger and there will be a soundtrack by Mumblin’ Deaf Ro. The project is being supported on the world’s first Buddhist crowdfunding website, set up by ex-bhikkhu and journalist Ian Clements (editor of Aung San Suu Kyi: the voice of hope).

Gifts run from copies of the film for as little as €1 / $1.26 via signed copies of the special issue of Contemporary Buddhism that uncovered Dhammaloka’s story and the book Buddhism and Ireland, up to the chance to take part in the movie, along with more familiar gifts such as T-shirts, soundtrack CDs etc.

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