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Dhammaloka movie project, media coverage

Ian Lawton’s project for a film about Dhammaloka is getting coverage in all sorts of places, including

Lion’s Roar Buddhist magazine

The Wild Geese Irish diaspora site

Mindrolling podcast

Full Contact Enlightenment blog

Pegbar animation network

Engage! engaged Buddhism blog

Secular Buddhism podcast Dublin semi-underground paper

Elephant mindfulness journal

Secular Buddhism Aoteoroa NZ site

Irish History Compressed site

Bodhi TV (Dutch Buddhists)

Duncan Trussell comedy podcast

New Age Journal

Ireland Calling diaspora news site

Mizzima – News from Myanmar

German-language Secular Buddhism site

The Tattooed Buddha magazine

Totally Dublin

As well as podcasts on RTE radio, Secular Buddhist Association, Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Mindpod Network…

and the Myanmar Times, Kindred Spirit…

You can help make the project a reality by contributing here or telling people about it. Thanks!